Do you have a
web-surfing habit?

FocusLite is a schedule-based website blocker for your Mac.
Regain your ability to hyper-focus!

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Create a schedule

Decide when and how long you’ll spend online. Block Twitter for your WFH time. Or set a budget for news-browsing. Set your rules and stick with them.

Commit to the rules

Will you commit to your rules? Let’s play a game. Pay $5.99 to start a streak. Your rules will now be enforced, except by deleting the app. If you do that, you’ll lose your fee.

(You can still use FocusLite for free, this purchase is optional.)

Network-based blocking

FocusLite uses a firewall running from system extension. This approach is safe and private, and keeps websites blocked in all browsers and apps.

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FocusLite is made by Vojtech Rinik, a programmer who likes to build productivity apps. Check out also Tomato 2 and FocusList.